About Us :: Overview

To put it simply, we tell stories.

Our clients have great stories to tell.

  • Stories about medical products that save lives.
  • Stories about war re-enactors who bring to life epic battles from centuries ago.
  • Stories about state-of-the-art scientific devices that teach children about gravity and force.

We use digital media to help our clients get their stories seen, heard and understood..

Some of the we’ve created projects about;

  • AIDS in Africa, philharmonic orchestras, and professional theatre companies.
  • Broadcast television programs for fitness buffs and believers in the paranormal.
  • Websites with information about food safety, and mental disorders in children.
  • Television commercials that promote furniture stores, medical facilities and literacy programs.

Technology changes rapidly. New methods of communication seem to pop up every day. But one thing that will never change is the power of a good story. Full Circle Studios helps those stories be heard.

So…what’s your story?

Our Partners have extensive experience and expertise in developing digital media projects and our staff is highly skilled, creative and fun to work with.

Our offices and facilities are in the heart of Buffalo, conveniently located near the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and Buffalo’s Theatre District.

Contact us to set up a time to visit and tour our facilities and talk about your project. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote.