Full Circle Studios, we are entertainers at heart. We think that’s one of the top reasons we are different from other media design and production companies. We bring that something “extra,” that sense of showmanship to all of our projects no matter what the market or industry might be. When we get to go full out, and create an entertainment project, we go for it in a big way.

We can take on an entertainment project at any stage, from concept development, scriptwriting, production, post production, to presentation – broadcast television, cable, web, dvd, or screening in all kinds of facilities.

We have produced contemporary music concerts, a haunted places tour, sketch comedy shows, kid’s programming, disaster simulations, theatrical productions, ballet, short dramatic films, and many more. We also know the industry here in WNY, where the locations are, where you can find actors & crew, how to contact the people you need for a production. In short, we know how to get things done.

FastForwardServices to entertainment:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Production management & directing
  • HD video production
  • HD video editing
  • Graphics & animation
  • Post production color correction, vfx, formatting
  • Audio & music recording & editing
  • Location scouting & management
  • Costume & prop acquisition
  • Casting & crew assistance


  • “The Phantom Tour” – regional broadcast tv 90 min. (3.1 Nielsen Rating)
  • “Juma’s Story” – fictional film shot in Malawi, Africa
  • “Nickel City Scene” – 36 30min. & 3 60min. regional music television episodes
  • “Body Electric” – 26 30min. national broadcast exercise episodes (PBS)
  • “Siege of Niagara” – 120 min. DVD documentary retail sales worldwide
  • “Fast Forward” – award winning short fantasy film
  • “Boxed Out” – award winning short comedy film
  • “Bringing Her Home – The Story of the Bell P39” – historical documentary
  • “Sorry, McKinley!” – sketch comedy pilot 30min. tv show
  • “Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra 75th Anniversary” – documentary 45min.