Digital/Film Production

When you come right down to it, it’s all about what you see and what you hear. That’s how ninety-nine percent of what we learn and what we know is acquired. At Full Circle Studios, we know how to capture the eye and the ear of the audience you are looking to impress. Whether it’s education, training, entertainment, or any other purpose, we have the experience, the skills, and the technology to make effective digital media presentations.

Technology changes everyday, it seems, and Full Circle is always on the leading edge of that technology. Today it’s 1080p HD, and tomorrow it will be 4K in 3D, or something equally exciting. But more importantly, it will be the understanding of what that technology can do to improve the delivery of content to audiences that really matters. That’s what Full Circle Studios does best.

At Full Circle Studios, we’ve created live television shows, short entertainment films, commercials, industrials, fundraising presentations, and many others. We have the expertise and flexibility to produce just about any project you can challenge us to do. Give us a call and let’s talk!

Media Production Services:

  • Concept development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Single & multicamera production
  • Aerial video photography
  • Studio production including “greenscreen”
  • Location production
  • Live event production via satellite & web
  • Full post-production in HD
  • Full graphics & animation design in 2D & 3D
  • Web design, webvideo production, and online interactivity design
  • Audio recording & soundtrack editing
  • Production coordination and location management
  • Casting assistance
  • Studio 2

Contact us if you already have a project in mind, or are looking for a solution to improve your ability to reach your target audience with compelling content.