Online Learning

Full Circle Studios offers clients TruCertified online training and education programs are created to meet the unique and specific needs of each client. So what makes our approach unique?  We combine

  • the expertise of a professional instructional designer with
  • a creative professional video production team and
  • the technology and expertise to author SCORM-compliant, highly interactive online programs that deliver high-quality video without huge bandwidth requirements.

The result? Programs that are very likely to be more cost-effective than your current approach. They are built once and used or sold as many times as you want with very low incremental costs.

Typical applications include safety training, employee training, sales training and professional education courses.

As a reflection of Full Circle’s unique capabilities, we received an STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop an innovative online educational program for parents of newborns with a chronic medical condition, working in collaboration with the University of Michigan Medical School.

Contact us to find out how we can create a cost-effective online course (or courses) for you.